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Lenovo Precious Metals

Being environmentally aware is at the top of consumers' minds, and they want the same to be true of brands and retailers.


We partnered up with Lenovo to highlight their unique Asset Recovery Service, where they provide hardware recycling and securing data disposition that is safe and environmentally conscious. We filmed jeweller Holly Ryan as she creates a bespoke piece of jewellery with precious metals extracted from laptops. 

Complementing the hero video was a bespoke TikTok asset filmed vertically on a smartphone along with a stop motion piece to further cement the link between Lenovo's Asset Recovery Service and its sustainable applications.

Client: Herd MSL
Directer: Jack Toohey
Producer: Ebony Morrison
Account Director: Kirsten Muller
Director of Photography: Jack Single
Photographer: James Tarbotton
1st AD: Kath Thomas
1st AC: Arun Surendran

Sound: Rosie Byrne
Gaffer: Matt Willis
HMUA: Alex Grbas
Talent: Holly Ryan