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Elastoplast Rigid Strapping Tape

Elastoplast, innovators of high quality product solutions that aid the care and prevention of injuries, engaged Sure Studios to create a compelling suite of video and photo creative for their hero product; Rigid Strapping Tape.


We approached this content with the clients 3 goals in mind:

  • Driving expertise and relevancy through demonstrating high product quality
  • Highlighting the superior technology and quality of materials to communicate a consumer message that resonates and instills confidence
  • Gets sport enthusiasts to feel confident that they can keep moving, playing and exercising by switching to Elastoplast products

To bring to life the usage occasion around the “weekend athlete”, we featured two sports - AFL and dancing, to highlight the versatility and durability of the product. By showcasing the contrast between the high intensity of AFL with the fluidity of dancing, we were able to drive home the messaging around the quality of the product.

Client: Elastoplast (via Genero)
Executive Creative Director: Jack Toohey
Creative Director + Director: Arun Surendran
Producer: Ebony Morrison
Account Director: Kirsten Muller
Director of Photography: Jack Single
1st AD: Kath Thomas
1st AC: Steph Furdek
2nd AC: Markus Sternecker
Photographer: Elastoplast (via Genero)
Gaffer: Alan Fraser
Grip: Joe Bruneteau

Grip Assist: Aaron Ashwood
Best Boy: Eric Cech + Richard Hawkins
3D Artist: Joshua Cameron
Physiotherapist: Lizzy Donnelly
Talent: Lacey Bilger, Kieran Bendon, Alex Higgs,
George Cowan, Jonah van Wachem, James Thomas
Voiceover Artist: Danny Clayton



Working with a 3D animator, we were able to get a macro view of the product in order to shine a spotlight on the technology that sets Elastoplast products apart from its competitors. By incorporating 3D, we showcased the expert technology behind Rigid Strapping Tape so as to make consumers feel confident that they are purchasing a trusted brand. 

To top it off, our in-house producers created a custom track to make the content feel even more dynamic. It is also an absolute ear worm (helloooo ad recall!).