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BWS - Woofreshing Ale

April, 2020

What do you get when you pair beer with dogs? One very cute video for BWS’s April Fools Day social media campaign.

Working with Frank PR and BWS, we were tasked with creating a comedic piece of content for April Fools Day. Creating for social media, we wrote the script and storyboarded the concept to ensure the story line drew the viewer in within the first 2 seconds so that they watched the full piece, and what better way to do that than with dogs!

Drawing stylistic inspiration from classic Australian beer commercials, this ‘prank’ advertisement showcases one of Australia’s hard working dogs engaging in ‘hard yakka’ activities such as hole digging, ball chasing, butt sniffing, chasing cars and more.

Finally, we introduce BWS’s Woofreshing Ale because “a big long day being a pooch, deserves a big long sip of the finest Hooch.”

Jack Toohey
Director / Ideation

 Ebony Morrison

Patrick Rohl

Olympia Henshaw
Camera Assist

Arun Surendran

Cricket the Dog

Ziggy Taylor
Voice Over