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Canesten Laundry Sanitiser

Canesten wanted to educate consumers on when and why they should be using a laundry sanitiser, specifically, Canesten Disinfectant Laundry Sanitiser.


Working with Kindred Agency, we produced three versions of ‘The Stinker’ - drawing stylistic inspiration from classic horror films and comic books, we showcased puppets made up of dirty laundry to target the parents of young teens and frequent gym-goers. The content was created for social media, so we wanted to ensure we drew the viewer in within the first 2 seconds, and with a concept that’s a little silly, we had no trouble.

The, carrying on from our previous campaign with Canesten, we were commissioned to produce another suite of content targeted at the parents of Toddlers, and their bub’s yucky, messy clothing. Taking what we’d learned from our first collaboration, we streamlined our process and fine tuned our puppet so as to really create something cheeky, engaging and memorable. 

Bayer (via Genero)
Creative Director: Chris Boyd
Director: Jack Toohey
Producer: Annabelle Kablean & Ebony Morrison
Director of Photography: Jack Single
1st AD: Kath Thomas
1st AC: MJ Gunaratne & Arun Surendran
Data Wrangler / Stream Op: Rosie Byrne
Gaffer: Nick Damianakis & Aaron Ashwood

Best Girl: Leah Ashwood
Puppet Maker: Rhys Norton
Puppeteer: Ben Orson & Kat Rea
Voiceover Artist: Rupert Degas
Talent: Tara Darby, Callum Stephens, Sarah Browne
Location: Pure Locations & Sure Studios